Friday, January 10, 2014

What Should You Check Before Buying A New Mobile?

With the availability of different kinds of cell phones in the market, making a choice is becoming increasingly difficult. Every month 10-15 different kinds of cell phone models are launched in the market and each seems to be a clone of the other in terms of appearance and features. Therefore, you need to perform careful research before buying a cell phone for yourself. You need to consider the make of the phone, the operating system, the features on offer etc. With so much work to do at hand, it’s best you form an algorithm for what to do!

  1. Make a list of all the features that you want in a cell phone along with the budget. Once you have done this, there would be no problems narrowing down the list of options. 
  2. Once you have formed your list, check for the phones that match the criteria specified. When you have decided the models that match your list of buy mobiles, you can start researching into their performance. Compare among the different models shortlisted on e-commerce websites. Going through the reviews mentioned on the websites along with testimonies from your friends and relatives will be quite helpful in coming to a conclusion.
  3. Don’t head out one day to buy the phone. Visit 3-4 showrooms to get quotations. Even if you are visiting an authorised dealer, you might get a different price quotation. You might also note that the quotations that you have obtained are higher than the ones offered by e-commerce websites. In that case, it would be better to buy the mobile from the website although with the risk of faulty goods being delivered to you as you won’t be able to check them before buying.
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  4. Once you are at the store, you should check the keypad of the phone along with the buttons along the side of the phone for controlling volume. Check the sim card and battery slots.
  5. After checking the physical features of the phone, you should insert your SIM card or ask the salesman to insert a spare SIM card and call up a friend. You should note whether you were hearing a whirring noise or if the call dropped midway. Ask for feedback from your friend about the call made.
  6. If the phone comes with headphones, you should test them in the store by playing the radio. Listen to the clarity of the sound.

Before leaving the store, make sure you have been provided the warranty and correct bill for the phone otherwise you cannot get the phone serviced in case of damages. Before you start using the phone for long, it would be good to buy some accessories for it. Your cell phone should have a cover (depending on the type of phone you have bought), a screen guard especially in case of a touch screen phone and finally a spare battery for emergency.

You can now locate an authorised dealer of cell phones near your locality by browsing through online classifieds websites.

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