Monday, January 6, 2014

Selling Your Old Mobile Phone For A Profit

Are you drooling over the newly launched iPhone 5S? Do you want to trade it for your old iPhone? Well, you can now cover up to 50% of the cost of your new smart phone by selling your old phone. There are many people who want to use premium quality consumer products but cannot afford them. Hence, they turn to used or pre-owned luxury items because it can be afforded. There is a large market for used cell phones and you can get a good deal on yours.

In order to get a good deal on your cell phone, you need to keep your warranty and billing papers in order. Try to improve the appearance of your phone by removing the stickers that you stuck on the back cover or the colourful back cover guard that you put on. You can also wipe the back cover clean so that the phone appears new. Delete any personal information that you have on the cell phone i.e. contacts list, call logs, audio and video files, pictures, notes etc. If you are a user of an Android phone, then you should also log the email address that you are using to operate the phone.

Selling Old Phones
Selling Old Phones

Once you have cleared your phone of your data, you can take it to a dealer to sell it. However, dealers will charge brokerage to get you in touch with a buyer or they might pay you lesser than what you deserve to get paid. Hence, you can put in an advertisement in the personal classifieds column in the newspaper or you can put up an advertisement on an online classifieds website. You can put up an advertisement for free. You can create an account and enter the particulars of the cell phone viz. make of the model, manufacturer’s name, year of purchase, operating system used in the phone, whether the phone is a dual sim or single sim one. The more details you provide on the advertisement, the better the deals will be for you. Make sure you include a photograph of your cell phone so that the buyer gets a better idea about it and also builds a trust on you.

If you have any peripherals for the phone like Bluetooth headsets, microSD cards, data cables etc. and do not require them, then you should sell them off also as they would fetch your phone a better price. Selling your phone is not as complicated as selling a car which requires the transfer of ownership and a lot of legalities.

You can fetch a very good amount for feature and smart phones if you spend a little on advertising. Instead of signing up for a free advertisement plan, you can go for a paid one, which will show your advertisement at the landing page of search results pertaining to your category. It will help fetch you quality buyers who are genuinely interested in buying the product. The cost of releasing a premium or paid online advertisement is not much and it will not affect the returns that you are getting from the sale much. Log in today!

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