Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Top iPhone Accessories That You Must Own

IPhones are the most expensive phones in the market and they need the protection that they deserve. IPhones have security features built into them like anti-viruses etc. However, they need additional protection when it comes to the physical body of the phone. Like the phone, these accessories are also quite expensive and are available at select stores and outlets. Nevertheless, they are essential to keep the phone from getting damaged.

Some of the accessories needed for your iPhone have been discussed below:
  • Elago Apple iPhone Premium Privacy Protection Film is relatively inexpensive and will keep your display protected along with the contents being displayed on the screen. Unless viewed from a straight angle, one cannot see what is being displayed on the phone’s screen. This guarantees protection for the contents on the phone. It also protects the phone from scratches and blemishes. It is available in different colours.
  • Incipio Feather Case- Made of polymer quality plastic which is less than 1mm thick; it is an effective back cover for your phone. It is compact and slim and hence makes your phone slip in and out of your pocket effortlessly unlike silicone back covers which turn out everything from your pocket which you take your phone out.
  • iHome iHM77 Stereo Mini Speakers- Often, you do not want to listen to music on your headphones. Listening to music over headphones for long can give you a head ache not to mention damage the fine fibres present in the ear for transmission of sound. These mini speakers do not sound as good as home theatre systems, but they are quite good for personal listening. These mini speakers have magnets attached to their base which makes the pair stick to one another hence packing them in your purse is a cinch. When you are out and want to listen to music, you can simply pull them apart, expand them and plug them to your iPhone. To listen to music, you can switch them on. If they appear to be low on power, simply plug them to a laptop of PC with a USB cable. You can use these speakers while charging them.
  • Motorola MotoROKR Bluetooth Headset- This wireless headset operational through Bluetooth is exactly what you need when you want to listen to sounds of home theatre quality. They are the perfect accompaniment for watching movies and videos on your iPhone. The volume control is on the ear piece, which goes around the back of your head. A button to receive phone calls is also provided on it. 
  • Mophie Juice Pack Air- For active users of iPhones, power may become a problem. Removing batteries from an iPhone is not an easy option which is why owning the mophie Juice Pack Air is essential. It has a rechargeable battery built into a very thin case. This battery almost doubles the battery of the iPhone and hence you will never run out of power.
Mobile Phone Accessories
iPhone Accessories

You can now locate authorised sellers or owners of such products looking to sell them by logging on the mobile accessories section of online classifieds.

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