Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Essential Accessories For Any Smart Phones

Smart phones, though useful, need a whole ensemble of items to support their functioning. The numbers of accessories available in the market are numerous and you need to decide which is useful for you. Some of these accessories help to improve the performance of your handset or increase its longevity while the rest help to improve its appearance. These accessories do not cost much which is why everyone can buy them.

Below discussed are the top 3 accessories that any cell phone user requires to keep their cell phone from getting damaged or enhancing their performance.

Chargers- Every cell phone comes with a charger. However, smartphones have a lot of features which consume a lot of power from a cell. If games are played on a smartphone, calls are made and messaging services are used, then the battery of a smart phone won’t last more than 15-16 hours. Hence, you need to carry a charger with you at all times of the day. There are several types of chargers, apart from the one that comes in a package and you can buy any of them.
  • Car Charger- These kinds of chargers need to be plugged to a car’s accessory or cigarette lighter socket. These are very useful for professionals always on the road. These are available in 3 different varieties- rapid, trickle and fast and they differ in their charging speed.
  • USB Charger- These is essentially a data cable that you insert into your phone and then plug it to a laptop or PC. The phone will be charged through power drawn from the computer.
  • Emergency Charger- These chargers are not used to completely charge a phone. If your phone is low on power to make a phone call, then these will provide the needed power to make a phone call for a few minutes. They usually work on AAA batteries.

Protective covers or cases
- Smartphones usually have their display units made of very thin glass to increase the sensitivity of the device. However, these glasses are prone to breaking at the slightest rough handling. Therefore, you need protective cases for your phones.
  • Faceplate- These mobile covers come with snap top covers for the phone’s screens. These protect both the screen and the back cover and are quite compact and stylish. You can buy them in a variety of colours.
  • Skins- These are usually snapped on the back covers of phones. They protect the phone and can be used to stylise the phone as they are available in a variety of colours and are easy to replace.
  • Pouches- Relatively inexpensive and colourful, these covers are quite easily available and protect the phone from dust, rough handling, water spillage etc.

Memory Cards- Even though smartphones have built in storage memories, they are insufficient when it comes to storing data files and applications. Most smart phones have the option of expansive storage with an additional slot for a memory card.

San Disk Corporation was the first company to come out with microSD cards which were fitted into cell phones. These now come in 2 varieties- microSDHC which has the capacity of storing 32GB of data files and microSDXC which can store up to 2TB of files on it!

These accessories are relatively inexpensive which is why you can easily afford them. However, if you are low on budget, you can always buy a used mobile accessory by logging on to an online classifieds website.

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