Thursday, January 2, 2014

Accessories Meant Exclusively For The iPhone

The iPhone is one of the first smartphones to have been launched in the market. The features offered by the phone are impeccable in terms of the sensitivity of the touch pad, the sound quality of the phone and the recently introduced finger print phone lock. Some of these aspects have been duplicated by other cell phone manufacturing companies.

Even though the iPhone is a holistic device in itself, there are some accessories available in the market that would enhance the usage of the iPhone.

Some such accessories for iPhones have been discussed below:

iHome iP9BR Clock Radio - Most phones have the alarm feature built into them. However, cell phone alarms are startling and can give a headache when you are just waking up. The iHome iP9BR Clock Radio not only plays the local radio stations but also acts as a charger for your iPhone and an alarm clock. You can set the alarm at a particular time and place your iPhone in it and go to sleep. The alarm will ring to your favourite song or radio station or the iPhone alarm tune. You can put it into the snooze mode for as many times as you want to. When you finally wake up and switch the alarm off, it goes off for the day only to reactivate at night for the next day. The device has got 8 brightness modes with the brightest shining light all over your room and the dimmest being completely dark. A remote control has been provided with the iHome iP9BR Clock radio so that you can operate the device from your bed. The Clock radio has its own battery back-up and hence it will continue to work even if the power goes out.

iHome iP9BR Clock Radio

If you like going to sleep listening to a particular song or playlist, then you can set the device on that mode which will keep on decreasing the volume of the sound 15 minutes into playing and will completely fade it away by the end of 2 hours.

Motorola MOTOROKR Bluetooth In-car Speaker - Driving while talking on the cell phone is very dangerous and several awareness campaigns have been going on. You can now receive and make calls through your iPhone by pairing it with the Motorola MOTOROKR Bluetooth in-car speaker. You can make the calls through a voice recognition app called Dragon. The Bluetooth in-car speaker allows you to play music on your iPhone through your car’s speaker. When you receive a call, it stops the music and then turns it back on once you are done with the call.

Optoma Pico Pocket Projector - Most people keep important documents on their iPhone for easy referral. If you are sitting idle and want to go over your next presentation, then you can hook up the Optoma Pico Pocket Projector to your iPhone and have an enlarged view of them. The projector works best on a blank surface and a dark room. It can offer enlargement of up to 60 inches. The pocket projector weighs less than 4 ounces and can run for 2 full hours once fully charged.

Since these devices are quite expensive, you might not be able to afford them first hand. You can look for second hand mobile accessories for iPhone on websites dedicated to free classifieds.

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