Sunday, January 12, 2014

Must Have Accessories For Your Smart Phone

Even though they are wonderful, smart phones need other accessories to prop up their services. Some of these accessories come with smart phones while you might have to buy the rest separately. These accessories are quite inexpensive and they are available easily. They are quite essential for the smooth functioning of your smart phone

  1. Headsets- These are essential to make the music and audio functions of your smart phones work. Some smart phones do not have the wireless feature of radios and you will have to use a head set with it. Usually a pair of headphones is provided with cell phones. Some of them are customized for the phone while the others can be plugged into a melange of devices. The headphones that come with 3.5mm jack can be used with models that have this particular slot built into them. Not only can you use these devices to listen to music on your phone but you can also use them to make and receive phone calls while you are driving on the road. There are several types of headsets available in the market but they can be broadly categorised in the following way.
    • Ear Bud headsets- These headsets are usually wired with two ear buds at the two ends. The ear buds may be shaped differently- they may simply sit on the ears or go inside the ear canal. They are quite easy to use and highly portable as you can coil the wire up and pack it in your purse. They are quite inexpensive and available in different  colours.
    • Boom headsets- These kinds of headsets usually go behind your ear. They can be wireless or wired, depending on their make. Their sound quality is much superior compared to the ear bud headsets. They may be operated using Bluetooth, depending on their specification. Usually the earpieces on these headsets are larger which is why they are difficult to pack. Boom heads have a separate mouth piece while the ear bud headsets have an integrated mouth piece into the device. The Bluetooth headsets are operated using battery and they can be used for 5 hours if they are fully charged.
  2. Additional Battery- Batteries of smart phones discharge quite rapidly because of excessive usage of applications. If you use every feature of the phone, then you will have to charge the phone at least once in a day. When you are outside and do not find the scope to charge your phone, it would be a good idea to carry a spare battery with you that you can snap on when the phone is low on battery.
  3. Protective cover- Smart phones are prone to getting scratched and bruised easily because they are made quite delicately. Therefore, you should invest in a good cover for your cell phone. They are available in different designs such as faceplates, skins etc. and in different colours. They are relatively inexpensive which is why you should invest in them for your phone’s protection.

You can now locate a dealer near your residence of such accessories for phones by logging onto online classifieds websites. Free classifieds are listed which would provide you with information about various dealers.

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