Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Ravishing New Nokia Lumia 1320

Nokia has been a late starter in the big touch screen smartphone market category in recent times. Alongside, Nokia steadily lost out on its market share owing to its failure to capture customer attention and compete with other rivals like Samsung, HTC and Sony. Alongside, the Windows platform used by Nokia was never really capable of supporting similar devices in the recent past. This was another reason for a market hiatus in the big screen phone segment. Alongside, Nokia may have been unaware of the growing demand for such specific smartphones. However, the company is now looking at targeting luxury and premium segment buyers without compromising on the value for money tag.

The Nokia Lumia 1520 which had a High Definition screen and a twenty megapixel PureView camera, will now be complemented by the Lumia 1320 which will be an attractive proposition for many customers who desire big Android devices that have recently been flying off market shelves. The Nokia Lumia 1320 is really for customers who desire a large and handy smartphone in comparison to people who simply wish to own a powerful device with high resolution. However, this smartphone should fare well in comparison to the Micromax Canvas Turbo or the Xolo Q300. If we take the specifications into consideration, the Lumia 1320 is almost similar to the Samsung Galaxy Grand 

Nokia Lumia 1320
Nokia Lumia 1320

Feel, Handling, Appearance

The 1320 has just the right dose of curves which makes it more comfortable to use and hold, a little extra weight notwithstanding. Alongside, the absence of an extra bump for housing the camera is a big plus point. The 1320 will look and feel substantially bigger and bulkier than almost every other phone in the market including its 1520 sibling. Fitting this phone into trouser pockets is not at all a comfortable affair. This phone cannot be used with single hand movements either. You need both hands to firmly get a grip as well. The company has opted for a matte finish to the device and the covers are to be peeled off which is a bit cumbersome. There is no removable battery and the battery is not really visible; once you remove the shell, all you get to see are the microSD and Micro-SIM slots.

There are buttons pertaining to power standby, camera shortcut and volume rocker only which are all grouped on the right and are incorporated into the phone shell. The power button lies bang in the middle which might well be a little low for your forefinger or thumb’s jurisdiction. The headset jack and Micro-USB slot are present on top and bottom of this device. The camera lens, speaker cutout and flash are arranged quite compactly on the back of the smartphone. There are three basic navigation capacitive buttons below the screen and a front camera as well.

Nokia Lumia 1320 Primary Features

The Nokia Lumia 1320 does not really aspire to be a premium, high end smartphone. The features and specs on this device are okay to say the least. The device works with a mid range dual core Snapdragon 400 Qualcomm processor at 1.7 GHz. Adreno 305 works well as GPU and is coupled with 1 GB of RAM.

Nokia also uses the Clear Black IPS LCD on this device with a view towards enhancing levels of contrast. With 1280 by 720 resolution, the display does not impress as much as it should. The Windows Phone 8 interface also feels a little jaded owing to thin typography usage. This is not a real issue but the phone might get a thumbs down from customers who are hooked on to full high definition smartphone panels which are available in huge numbers these days. In-built storage space of 8 GB is provided, which can be scaled all the way up to about 64 GB with microSD cards. Alongside, Bluetooth LE 4.0 and Wi-Fi b/g/n are also supported by this smartphone. This phone also has support for 3G bands and GSM however LTE cannot be used in India owing to a standards related conflict.

In spite of all its shortcomings, this phone is actually a competent and high powered device with decent features. The phone makes for a good buy at an affordable price point that is offered by the company. The primary camera comes in 5 megapixels with 1080p of video recording guaranteed along with a few camera modes taken from the PureView mode found in the 1520. The VGA front camera of 480 by 640 pixels is not all that effective when it comes to video calling or other functions. Nokia provides a powerful 3400 mAh battery which ensures at least ten hours of peak time battery life and even more owing to the lower power consumption of this device and the mid range processor.

Software Help for Users

The Nokia Lumia 1320 comes with ample software for users and customers. Nokia includes its legendary Here Drive and Here Maps applications on its home screen. There are other handy apps like Evernote, Nokia Beamer, Flipkart Ebooks, Microsoft Office, Adidas Micoach and Xbox Games. However, the advanced camera application is absent but can be downloaded from the Store. The Nokia Creative Studio app is another big draw on this device. Apps like the vanilla camera app help users edit, manipulate and view photographs and use color filters, effects and other features. Alongside, a separate Camera 360 app specializes solely in camera effects and editing features. The Windows Phone Store option is provided along with the Moli Player which plays back a wide variety of formats in both audio and video.

The Final Conclusion

The Nokia Lumia 1320 can be a good buy based on the affordable prices promised by the company. Fans of the Windows Phone platform will like this device owing to its huge screen and decent features. However, many customers are likely to pay INR 6, 000 more to move up to the Lumia 1520 which has a far better camera and more powerful specs. This is not a jaw dropping device by any means but it will stand out as a good buy in its segment.

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