Thursday, March 6, 2014

Buy Your Blackberry At Only INR 17, 990 For A Limited Period Offer In India!

In one of the most exciting and surprising developments in recent times, the premium Blackberry Z10 smartphone can now be bought at only INR 17, 990 in India. This is a limited period offer and has already got potential customers and mobile phone enthusiasts coming out in droves to snap up this premium end smartphone at a substantially lower price! 

Blackberry Z10
Blackberry Z10

Blackberry is commemorating its 10th anniversary with regard to venturing into the Indian mobile phone market and the price reduction is the direct effect of the same. According to the Canadian mobile phone giant, the Blackberry Z10 will be available at this reduced price for a period of only 60 days which should be enough for all Blackberry fans to take advantage of this mind boggling offer! The new price point makes the Z10 a very attractive and popular option in the Indian smartphone market. This means that customers can now snap up a premium device with optimum performance levels and brand value, at below INR 20, 000. This is a startling development in the Indian mobile phone market, as far as Blackberry’s rivals are concerned.

The Blackberry Z10, the first ever BB10 smartphone from the mobile phone manufacturer, was formally launched in February 2013 in Indian mobile phone markets. The starting price was a steep INR 43, 490, which was deemed ultra-expensive and unaffordable by a large section of prospective buyers. However, prices were brought down hugely and stood at INR 29, 990 under a special offer for the festive season. In another similar development, Blackberry had also reduced prices of its pioneering Q5 smartphone by a whopping 20 percent in another offer which was also valid for a limited period. The Q5 price was scaled down to an astonishingly low INR 19, 990 under this scheme. Alongside, the affordable version of the BB10 phone was priced somewhat competitively at INR 24, 990, considering the top performance and QWERTY keypad on offer.

The smartphone maker seems to have been on a gifting spree for its customers as it also reduced prices of the Q10 handset by more than 13 percent, pricing this high end smartphone at just INR 38, 990 with a December special scheme for Indian customers. Blackberry had earlier taken loads of flak for the high prices of the Z10 in India after its February launch. However, the company has taken pains to sweeten the overall package for customers with one of the biggest price cuts ever witnessed in the Indian mobile phone market. This new initiative from Blackberry should see sales double or even triple in the next two months before the offer ends and will earn the company a lot of goodwill in the Indian market, something that works favorably with regard to consolidating market position.

More about the Blackberry Z10

For INR 17, 000 only, customers will now get a top end smartphone with the best possible features and advantages. Not only is the Z10 the first Blackberry device to use BB10, it also has a dual core 1.5 GHz processor along with internal storage of a whopping 16 GB. 2 GB of RAM is complemented by a powerful 1850 mAh phone battery that provides a staggering 312 hours in standby mode and ten hours of talk time which is pretty decent too. Alongside, there is an 8 megapixel primary camera at the rear of this device which can capture 1080p quality videos along with a secondary front camera of 2 megapixels which comes in handy for video calling and other activities. This smartphone provides a full touch based experience for users instead of the usual keypad attached to Blackberry smartphones. Does this phone have the potential to be a winner in the Indian market? Read on for some insights on the actual feel, appearance, functionality and performance of the Blackberry Z10.

The phone does not look flashy at all; rather, it can be called quite understated with regard to appearance and the first look. There are corners that are curved along with an overall rectangle like design which should work perfectly okay for fastidious phone freaks. The design aspect is neither ground breaking nor disappointing. However, the phone looks and feels up market and premium build quality is the USP behind the same. The rear end of the Z10 has excellent gripping possibilities for users with an impressive logo in the middle along with a top left flash and camera lens. There is a slit right at the bottom which hides the microSD, battery and microSIM slots from public view. Right at the front, the display of 4.2 inches is a marvel to behold for Indian customers. The buttons are all compact and there is no sense of stagnation with regard to the overall appearance of this smartphone.

The 1280 by 768 pixel display is very competent with superior angles for viewing and fabulous reproduction of colors. Visibility under direct sunlight is quite good with no issues related to reflectivity. There are arrays of touch based gestures that can be employed with prompt responses from the touch screen which is another plus point. The 8 megapixel camera will be loved by shutterbugs and can capture videos in full high definition mode. Alongside, the quality of images is decent overall and daylight and low light images look good with just a little noise penetrating the same. Other camera features include the Time Shift mode which is fun to use but there is no Panorama feature like other top end smartphones.

The operating system is powerful enough but does not match up to iOS and even Android both in terms of flexibility and power. However, it is decent enough for business conversations, gaming, emailing, social networking and internet usage which are just about what the average user would want. The battery should run without charge for at least a day and this is good enough for heavy smartphone users as well.

All in all, this is one smartphone that should be snapped up without hesitation at the immensely low prices offered by Blackberry. Take advantage of the offer now!

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