Sunday, December 8, 2013

Samsung vs Micromax

Two of the leading global competitors are now ruling the roost in the Indian mobile phone market. These are none other but Samsung and Micromax. The competition is trounced with these two brands directly competing with each other. According to recent research and market reports, Samsung still holds in excess of forty percent of the Indian smart phone and mobile phone market. However, Micromax comes in second place which is quite astonishing as it is still a young brand. It is steadily closing in on twenty five percent of the Indian mobile phone market. Experts see the Micromax brand steadily surpassing Samsung in the next four to five years. It is a stiff battle out there, one that has seen the dethroning of global counterparts like HTC, Blackberry, Nokia and LG.

This is another fall-out of this battle. Blackberry has been unable to innovate and the decreasing popularity of BBM or Blackberry Messenger has hastened its own doom in record time. Alongside, Blackberry could never provide smartphones at affordable prices and have thus remained niche boutique products for a restricted section of the market. Nokia sales have been slipping up for quite a while. It has recently been bought out by Microsoft and this may still have an impact in reviving the brand in times to come. In recent times, the Nokia Lumia series has still not raked in the desired sales figures in spite of a strong start.

This is where Micromax has steadily carved its own niche in the market along with other home grown companies like Lava, Karbonn and Spice to name a few. Micromax has actually triggered a price war in the segment with its affordable range of smartphones including the Canvas series. Micromax has always provided smartphones with premium quality smartphones at a third of the price one would normally pay for a smartphone from a premium global brand.

This is something that is eating into Samsung’s profit range. However, Samsung is still on top due to its innovative range of feature phones and its high quality smartphones. People are still going for Samsung smartphones in spite of high prices. This is because of the premium security, reliability and quality that the brand represents. Micromax is closing the gap steadily and is already wooing customers the world over with its line of new innovations and brand promotional activities. Who will win this battle for monopoly in the Indian market? Only time will tell as far as overall results are concerned.

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