Friday, December 6, 2013

New Trends In The Indian Mobile Phone Market

Mobile Trends
There are a variety of trends prevailing in the Indian mobile phone market. The Indian mobile phone market is a temperamental one, going by present standards. Customer choices are quite finicky and sometimes quite random. This is because of the peculiarity inherent in the preferences of the Indian consumer. This is one factor that has not changed in spite of increasing modernization and globalization. Why is this so? Indian consumers like their gadgets in premium, high end quality. They want all the top notch features and other add-ons just like their counterparts in the West. However, India is the one of the most price-sensitive markets in the world.

Indians want their generous dose of quality but at a considerably lower price than usual. This makes them tough customers to satisfy. Alongside, it is an even harder task retaining one’s brand value in the minds of Indian customers. This has seen market erosion of top draws like Sony with its Ericson series, Motorola and even the best of the best at one point, Nokia. Nokia has always been regarded as one of the best brands of all time. Indian customers swore by Nokia due to its plethora of amazing features and solid reliability. However, Nokia has fallen on hard times these days and falling sales have accelerated its sell-off to Microsoft. This development may augur well for Nokia in the future if Microsoft decides to market it in a new avatar in the Indian market.

The Lumia series is fabulous as far as features and specifications are concerned but have not been able to capture the interest of the Indian market. On the other hand, Samsung is steadily carving a niche for itself as a luxury yet balanced smartphone maker. Its Galaxy series has something for almost every budget. The premium smartphones are more in demand due to their impressive array of features and their solid quality. Apple still caters to niche customers who cannot do without iOS, iTunes and other exclusive features.

On the other hand, Indian brands like Karbonn, Spice, Lava and especially Micromax, have been making huge inroads into the market. These smartphone makers are providing the best possible features at the lowest possible prices to Indian customers. This has propelled them to newer heights. Micromax is now steadily giving even Samsung a run for its money. Alongside, Blackberry and LG still possess high quality phones which do moderate business. Sony has revamped its smartphone line-up with Xperia while the HTC One continues to be another top draw.

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