Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Feature Phones Or Smartphones?

Cell phones have evolved hugely in recent times. They have evolved from being mere necessities and communication oriented tools to devices that combine multiple purposes in one. Cell phones are now must-have devices in this new era of increased social communication. Cell phones are now entertainment and recreational devices, work companions, information centers and our outlets for staying in touch with the world around us. However, there has been a widespread shift from feature phones to smartphones. Smartphones have suddenly become the most used tools of choice for a large section of the Indian consumer market. People are waking up to the multifarious benefits of smartphones.


Almost every major cell phone manufacturer is rolling out the marquee as far as smartphone models are concerned. The best part is that smartphones can now be had at budgets that were grossly unthinkable in the past. The question is do feature phones still have a genuine operating threshold in this market? Are they still relevant? Are they still useful? These questions have sparked a country wide debate pitting feature phones against smart phones as ideal consumer buys. Experts and telecom professionals have been engaged in comparisons, reviews, analyses and other activities as well.

Why should you buy a feature phone? The truth is that feature phones will always be relevant in our country. Not everyone is technologically wired to use smartphones to their full potential. Feature phones are a must when it comes to phones that perform basic functions in a smooth and cohesive manner. These are some of the advantages provided by feature phones:
  • Cheaper as far as market prices are concerned
  • Tougher and more durable as compared to smartphones
  • Simple and easy to use and operate. Smart phones can sometimes be quite complex to handle
  • Performs basic functions with elan
  • Most feature phones contain music players, radios and other top end features nowadays
  • Ideal for rough use; smartphones cannot take the strain and stress of rough daily usage
  • Higher battery life and talk time as compared to premium smart phones which run on heavy operating systems and other platforms
  • Ideal for those who are not really abreast of cutting edge technology or do not need the same altogether

When it comes to smartphones, we all know the advantages they provide. Smartphones dominate the used cell phones segment of the market as well. This is because they are available at much lower prices online. Smartphones provide a plethora of advantages but feature phones are still necessary for certain categories and types of users. The sole monopoly of smartphones in this market will only put these users in a fix of sorts.

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