Saturday, November 30, 2013

Use A Smart Phone For Easing Your Work Load

Smaller devices are now coming in vogue. They are handier and with improved processing speed and memory, more people prefer them. For example, most professionals nowadays use a cell phone for working as well. You can now send emails, work on your presentations, talk to your clients over video conferencing through your cell phone. Smart phones have helped people get closer to one another.

Smart phones have got high processing speed because of the high clocking processors used in them. They also have high in built memory which allows you to store a large number of files. Applications are available for smartphones like PDF readers and Polaris which allow you to read documents like excel sheets and MS Word documents and even edit them. You can directly mail the documents to email addresses. You can also sync the contacts on your phone with your email address. If you do this then you will not lose your contacts in case you lose your phone or change it.

The cost of smart phones is reducing every day. You can now buy a good quality Samsung smartphone for as low as Rs 7000. For an HTC Cell Phone, you will have to spend more than Rs 10,000 as these are premium cell phones. The cell phones use touch as the method of input. The screens are made of corning gorilla glasses which are very thin so that the touches can be interpreted correctly. Some cell phones like the Blackberry cell phones are enabled with QWERTY keyboard. Many people find using QWERTY more convenient that touch screen. Moreover, Blackberry phones have the facility of Black Berry Messenger which allows you to send unlimited number of messages to Blackberry users.

Smart Phones

These smartphones are powered by Android operating systems and their camera is also quite advanced. You can surf many websites using these phones and also download music files, videos, pod casts etc. Other popular operating systems include Windows and iOS. Mostly Nokia handsets are enabled with the Windows OS. These operating systems are also quite handy and you can use them for your work as well.

A variety of messaging services are available on smartphones that you can use to communicate with your colleagues and friends. Whatsapp, Viber, Hike and WeChat are some of the popular messaging apps where you can send texts along with audio and video recordings, contact numbers, and even pictures. These messenger services do not charge you anything for using the service. All you need to do is download the application using the internet.

If you are unable to buy a good quality smart phone, then you can resort to buying a used model. However, be sure to check the quality of the battery and touch screen and overall operating system before buying one. You can now find mobile phone classifieds for used cell phones online. You need not pay anything for using the facility offered by the website.

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