Monday, November 25, 2013

Mp3 Players for Music Lovers

Even though cell phones offer the feature of music playing, music lovers would rather go for MP3 players. Cell phones discharge a lot of battery when you are using it for listening to music. Owning an MP3 player will reduce the stress that you would put on your cell phone. Also, if something happens to your cell phone, you will be assured that your music collection will remain safe. There are many MP3 players available in the market under Rs 5000 that allow you to store a lot of music.

Most MP3 players offer 4 to 8 GB storage capacity. MP3 players are quite handy and portable and they can store a lot of songs. You can charge it at a plug point on the switch board or you can plug it to your computer. You can also play the radio on the device. If you use a particular wire, then you can hook up your MP3 player with your car stereo and play music from there directly.

Good quality MP3 players are made by Apple, Sony, Transcend, Phillips etc. The players by Transcend and Phillips are available under Rs 3000 while the ones by Sony and Apple will cost you a little more. IPods by Apple are quite portable and they are available in pop colours like green, pink, blue etc. The iPod Shuffle has a dial, pressing which you can switch between songs. There is no screen provided which will allow you to see the name of the song to be played.

iPod Shuffle
The Sony Walkman MP3 players have a small screen which displays the track being played. When you are switching between different song lists, the information is displayed at that time as well. The Sony Walkman has a USB mouth that you can directly insert into a port in the PC. The iPod Shuffle needs to be connected with a cord to the computer for transferring music. The biggest disadvantage of using the Apple iPod is that you need to have iTunes installed on the PC to transfer songs. There is no such requirement for Sony. However, Apple devices are long lasting compared to Sony devices.

The head phones provided are quite good. You can adjust the volume to the level that you like and even plug in head phones of other companies provided they fit the slot provided. These devices are good enough to be gifted to other people. They are quite unique and people would appreciate them when they receive them.

There are many stores in Bangalore that sell these music players. However, you need to buy the devices from an authentic store so that you are not cheated on the warranty of the item. You can locate stores in places like Kormangala, 80 Ft Road, and Whitefield etc. Bangalore Electronics & Technology classifieds have advertisements for different stores and you can also find an individual selling his old iPod. Buying an old Mp3 player can be quite cost effective for you.

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