Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bestselling SMART TV Brands in India

Television sets are no longer mere idiot boxes. This is the era of SMART TVs where apart from viewing programs, one can browse the internet, play games and experience a whole new world of entertainment through the 3D technology. Although 3D and SMART TV technology is new to the industry and has much scope for improvement, it hasn't deterred consumers from buying these televisions. The following is a small compilation of some of the best-selling SMART 3D TVs in the market. It must be noted that each brand offers its own range of apps even though it has the common feature of the WiFi connectivity.

Toshiba Cloud TV: The typical apps offered by the Toshiba’s Smart TV range include BBC iPlayer, Blinkbox, Deezer, Netflix, Funspot, Facebook, iConcerts, Vimeo etc. The Cloud TV screen has separate screens for Premium Apps, Home, TV and Video. The inbox area has messages which can appear as a confusing element on the screen while the ‘trending on twitter’ section is another expanded page which is generally quite useless.

Users also have access to other apps such as France 24 and Skype that enables video calling in the comfort of your couch in the living room. Toshiba Cloud comes with a basic remote control having no additional second screen functions.

Panasonic Smart Viera: Apart from the common features to all smart TVs, the Panasonic Viera offers the option of changing the screen layout through choosing different wall papers, creating icons and your own shortcuts to widgets etc. It comprises of the TV home screen, Info screen, Lifestyle screen etc. The customisation facility offers real flexibility to its users. Its basic apps include BBC Sport, EuroNews, Netflix, Youtube, iConcerts, Skype, BBC iPlayer, Rovi TV, Facebook and Twitter.

Smart TV

LG: The brand is all about offering the best with simplicity both in terms of design and functioning. It does not go overboard with complicated apps and is extremely user friendly. The apps concentrate more on networking and have the usual premium page apps comprising of BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Youtube, Lovefilm etc. There are also a few lesser known ones such as Picasa, AccuWeather, Cartoon Network, CineTrailer, and Box Office 365.

Along with the TV set, there comes a free LG TV remote app enabling live TV picture to be viewed on smartphones. There are plenty of shortcuts enabled to apps and widgets for easy usage.

Sony: Introducing Smart TVs with a stylish new look and a modern user interface, Sony shall impress you with style. User interface is a floating one over the live TV. Its menu has a history option for you to go over programmes watched in the recent past. The SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) button on the remote shall bring forth the list of apps available on the TV service.

Its apps include BBC iPlayer, Netflix, BBC News, Lovefilm, Youtube, Picasa, Skype, Sky News, Demand 5, Sony’s Entertainment Television library etc. along with certain widgets.

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